Tips for Women who loves to style with sweatshirt

Styling sweatshirt can be pretty easy if you are willing to bend the casual aesthetics of sweatshirts and pair it with formals to give it a more dressy appearance. That is the secret style quotient of millions of women around the globe who today consider sweatshirts to be one of the fashion staples of their wardrobes. Fashion bloggers and celebrities alike are sporting sweatshirts like it’s their thing and making sure that designers bring out lines of sweatshirts especially designed to give it a casual, bohemian vibe to the wearers.

Style tips for women on how to wear a sweatshirt:

  • Pair it with some red lips and you are good to go. Red lips glam up any outfit and gives a completely new twist to sweatshirts. Anyone who wants to pair their sweatshirts with trousers or skirts and red lips can make it a perfect evening casual glam look.
  • The easiest way to give a more put-together look to your sweatshirts is to wear a leopard print scarf around your neck. Combing a sweatshirt with a scarf will give an added edge to it and provide a more finished look to you. A patterned is in itself the greatest accessory.
  • Wear it with heels and a pencil skirt to make your look more work-appropriate. Wearing sweatshirts to work is a relatively new concept and you can definitely take it a notch higher by dressing up your sweatshirts with a pair of high-heeled booties and a patterned pencil skirt. Casual Fridays will never be casual again with this combo!
  • Try out this combo to look hot! Pair your sweatshirts with high heels, red lips and a statement necklace to provide a glam twist to your look. It can instantly take your look up a few notches higher. Easy to get and very glam, make this your staple brunch style.
  • If you are new to a school and are confused about what to wear then fret not! It is absolutely possible to look your cutest in any outfit that has a bold graphic print on the front of the sweatshirt.
  • You can go for an ultra-cool look by pairing your sweatshirts with a plaid shirt, chunky watch, sunglasses and booties to make it look adorable. The glasses add a glam touch while the casual prep quotient is brought out by the plaid shirt.

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