What do you do with clothes that you don’t feel like wearing again ?

Sometimes, change in fashion can make us dislike something only to let it gather dust in the closets or other storage units. Also, since we notice bodily changes either because of cutting or adding weight, there are clothes that we no longer use. But the question is, what do you do with clothes that you no longer use?


Since the clothes are still in good shape, you may want to donate them to any of the charity homes to help the needy. If there is no one to gift, this would be a wise idea. And it does not matter the size of the clothes; there is someone who will like them that way.

Garage sale

In these hard economic times, you need to look for ways to get extra bucks to sustain yourself. One way of doing this is by arranging a garage sale. It does not have to be an expensive process; all you need is to choose one of the cheapest forms of advertisement in order to inform people about the sale. Also, make sure that it is arranged on a day that most people can have time to pass by. A garage sale is also a good way to help you de-clutter your home. However, make sure that you are selling items that are in good shape.

Resize it   

Due to changes in weight, some clothes may not fit you or if they do, there will be one area that is making you uncomfortable. And it is not a must for you to change in weight for the clothes to behave this way. The clothes may change in size due to laundry issues. A shirt could be fitting but the collar is too tight. According to dealers in dress shirt collar resizing in Toronto and other areas, you don’t have to throw the shirt away. You can have the collar returned to its original size!

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